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Dec. 28th, 2016 | 08:43 pm
mood: bouncybouncy
posted by: ringoluvapples in sub_war_tonight

Welcome to Sub War Tonight!!!!!!~~

This is an AAA subbing community run by ringoluvapples and nisshimuffin!
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First off this is a Memebers Only Community. Anyone can join! Just make sure you do join and are logged in to see post!

Also posting will be restricted to us, and the subbers. But comments, and everything else will be open to everyone!

All downloads will be from either MediaFire or Megaupload! English Subbed!

There will also be translations! During large subbing projects, we will be posting translations of magazines and interviews! So the community will always have something new every so often!

I hate to point out the obvious but this community is ONLY AAA related
Dramas(Ex. Mirai Shakespere) Interviews, MC's, TV Appearances, Anything with AAA :D



1. DO NOT repost our download links, our subbed videos, or any translations without permission from one of the mods!!!! Its ok if you do it just ask us first! WE WILL KNOW

2. All request please post into here anywhere else may be over looked~ --->Request Zone

3. Enjoy<3<3<3

But its not just us two, heres a list of our subbers
Our fellow Subbers are~
jeni_jenz arumi_mikoi

If you wish to be a subber/translator, or are just curious what one would have to do please contact ringoluvapples or nisshimuffin
We'd love to get as many that are willing to do it!!!~

Know that the more subbers we get, the faster, and more subbed videos we can post!

All of the Layout & Graphics by kuroruko

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